Ultra Racing Daihatsu Terios Rear Anti-roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar / Rear Stabilizer Bar [16mm Solid] UR-AR16-153

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Original Ultra Racing Daihatsu Terios Rear Anti-roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar / Rear Stabilizer Bar [16mm Solid] UR-AR16-153

One Piece Design, Made of Steel, ISO 9001:2008 Chassis Tuning Bar 

Note to buyer:
(1) Please install these bars at local automotive workshop. It could be dangerous to install it yourself if you are not familiar with your car chassis / don't have suitable tools to install it. 
(2) We don't provide return due to bar could not fit into your car. Hence, please purchase according to the above stated car model. If you wish to purchase bars with peace of mind, you may search online forums to see if anyone drive the same car as you, fits in any Ultra Racing bars into their car before. Purchase according to manufacturing code (eg: UR-FD3-123 / UR-AR19-002) is the best way to ensure the bar can fit into your car. 

Understanding Car Chassis and Handling

A car chassis is carried by four wheels and four shock absorbers. When drinving on bumpy road, the shock of impact will be absorbed by shock absorber. However, if the chassis is not strong enough to support the shock absorber, the shock of impact will not be absorbed by shock absorbers entirely, but by the car chassis and this causes chassis flex. Same mechanism applies on cornering, which the chassis will be twisted by the force of weight transfer. In some instances, the weight transfer during cornering may cause one side of the vehicle to experience as much as three times the forces than the other side of the vehicle, causing enormous chassis flex / vehicle body deformation and twists, consequently causing tires to lose grips. Therefore, the handling during cornering will be rough and it is hard to predict the movement of car. 

To reduce the chassis flex problem and improve car handling, Ultra Racing chassis strengthen part is born. We will explain how it works. The stronger the chassis, the better car handling. 
Strut Bar and Lower Arm Bar
Before: Part of the shock of impact is transferred to the chassis, causing wheel house and lower arm deformation
After: Equipped with Ultra Racing strut bar and lower arm bar, shock of impact at both sides will be neutralized.

While Cornering
Before: The weight transfer and forces gather at one side, causing unstable handling and increase body roll.
After: The forces will be spread out by Ultra Racing strut bar and lower arm bar, stabilizing the car and providing solid handling.

Fender Bar
Before: The joint between A-pillar and front chassis will be pushed and twisted by the greater shock of impact and drag force, causing damages on chassis. 
After: Ultra Racing fender bar will spread out the forces and strengthen the section, prevent further damages and offer stable handling. It is highly recommended for cars equipped with sport absorber.

Side Lower Bar
Before: On uneven / bumpy road, center section of car chassis will have different level of body flex, caused by the weight transfer between front and rear parts of car. 
After: Ultra Racing side lower bar will stabilize the weight transfer between front and rear parts of car, minimizing the damages from side impact.

Anti-roll Bar

Before: During cornering, weight transfer will make the car sways aside, causing body roll and difficulties to turn into a corner, weakening the steering responses.
After: The upgraded version of Ultra Racing anti-roll bar will effectively prevent the car from swaying aside during cornering, greatly reduces body roll and promote better stability during cornering. 

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